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Sunday October, 9 Samedi comes to life.

Posted by Dude on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Under: Music

It happen with the mellow beat I just finished this afternoon. It reminded me my 20's, because it is a party beat. So I started to write " Friday Night " on this beat. Once I completed the song my friend didn't like it how it sound so I sang many times but sounded it awful, it didn't match to the beat anyways while I was thinking what should I do. I was lying on bed late night I was keep thinking about it suddenly idea pops up  that I should sing chorus in french. I slept that night, But when I woke up the next morning after sending kids to school I started working on my song.

I started searching how to say days in french so the close one or the one I can say was Samedi and this song was came to life on October, 9 2011. 


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